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“No, everyone has the right to talk about this.”

Hoshinomori-san lowered her head after hearing my dumbfounded mumble. …A couple seconds later, she whispered.

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“I-If I have to answer…”


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“Any male aside from Keita.”

“You got a wide range!”

I freaked out with the unexpected answer.

“Can you filter your results for a bit!?”

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“Well, …I-I would like a human.”

“Why did you include other species too!? Narrow your range down!”

“Hmm, …I don’t really like serial killers.”

“I knew you would answer like that!”

I pressed my forehead and sighed before asking another question.

“Please make your range…more normal. Can you tell me which type of boys you like?”

“Anyone but Keita.”

“I know that already. Something else?”