Is the computer typing money on the Internet?

Is the computer typing money on the Internet?

That’s definitely how I feel right now, and how do I manage that....

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“I’m going to get stronger, look around the world and see a lot of things.”

『Ah, right.』

It’s up to me in the future, and I’ll have to move forward anyway.

“I will~~~~ already. Eat! Let’s eat!”

Having made up my mind, I emptied the pot of breakfast that Mr. Aka left.

There was well-boiled soup in it, and when I ate it and I became a little big, I decided to eat it all vigorously.

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For a moment, salty juice was coming out of my eyes, but I decided to eat everything and move forward.


Author’s Note

As always I am indebted to you.

For now, I’m going to end the second part here.