Getting online

Getting online

(I have always wanted to wear a wedding dress, but considering the marriage partner, it doesn’t bring me any happiness at all.)

Sie looked at herself in the wedding dress, which was reflected on the dresser, as though someone else was wearing it.

Both shoulders and back were exposed greatly, and the skirt was long. A gorgeous dress with a soft volume.

The so-called『Princess Line』.

(Ah… Where did things go wrong…)

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She placed her index finger on her chin and glanced absentmindedly at the empty space.

Prince Charming will surely come to bring her away someday. Where she can forget her position, family standings, and responsibilities. And he will make her his only bride. That dream was shattered to pieces by the harsh, cruel reality.

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(I wonder if this is the fate of being born of『Arcstria』.)

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Live for the country and die for the country – that is the duty of Arcstria.

Sie, who had been taught that since childhood, always knew that her life would not be the way she wanted it.

She knew that she would be used as a tool for political marriage someday.

But somewhere in her heart, she held onto that dream.