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Honestly, I was a bit hesitant. However, this Karen Tendou seems to be a strong girl that won’t back down easily. Also, most importantly-

(I’m a bit interested in…the school that Keita goes to.)

This is why I eventually accepted her suggestion.

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Also, the wealthy lady with me at that time, Ao Saika, was invited too. She showed a business-like smile and answered, “I’ll go if I have time.” I’m 90%!s(MISSING)ure she wouldn’t go. This can’t be helped. There’s no reason for a wealthy lady not interested in games to visit a school’s Game Club. She didn’t even graduate from that school.

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So, right now, it’s 9:50 AM on the promised day.

I, Ayumu Kiriya, walked into Otobuki High School during winter break.

“But I didn’t expect Ao to show up too.”

We got on the flops used by visitors as we walked across the corridor to the old school building. During this time, I spoke up to the person next to me.

After hearing that, Ao rolled the tip of her hair with her finger and answered a bit embarrassedly.

“W-What? Didn’t I say I’ll go if I have time?”

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“No, well, yes. I didn’t expect people who said she’ll go if she had time to actually show up.”

“…You got a problem?”

Ao chuckled. Her smile is filled with pressure.


I looked away and scratched my head.

I still don’t understand this ojou-sama, …Ao Saika at all. Even though she’s not interested in games, why did she come all the way to this unknown high school’s Game Club with me?