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“…What are you talking about?”

I have no idea what she’s saying. Even though I never really understand her, I’m exceptionally pissed when she’s dragging me while I’m in a rush. This way, that moment that I felt our hearts connecting to each other is really upsetting.

I shoved my presents into my schoolbag and turned back impatiently. Main-san’s sitting on the bed as she looked at me with her usual arrogant eyes.

Just as I’m curious about her silence, she suddenly changed the topic again.

“Amako, you gave a suggestion for Tasuku Uehara’s White Day present yesterday, right?”

“What? Why did you ask me that? Also, who told you about this?”

“My ‘eyes’ are everywhere on the street.”

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Who the hell are you?

But I don’t really need to keep this a secret. So, I sighed and answered helplessly.

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“Well, yeah. It’s a suggestion for White Day. …So?”

“It’s nothing.”

It’s not nothing. My precious White Day is slowly fading away.