What are the fastest ways to make money online?

What are the fastest ways to make money online?

Every word was clear, but Pei Qian could not understand them all.

He Desheng continued. “The companies that continue to incur losses and take money from Dream Realization Ventures are divided into two categories.

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“The first type is making products seriously. It’s just that they don’t have enough money, abilities, or resources. These companies will continue to take money from Dream Realization Ventures, recruit talents, and fight for resources. They will slowly become better. The founders of the companies feel that they have done their best and have a clear conscience. Naturally, they don’t need to change anything.”

“The second category would more or less be related to Meng Chang’s habits.”

“They did not work hard on their products and spent all their money on marketing. Some people wanted to generate high valuation profits, and some people might purely not be smart enough to tell which was more important.”

“Meng Chang and Cold-Faced Lady’s case obviously served as a warning to others and to intimidate the thieves!”

“Even someone as strong and smart as Meng Chang was severely punished by you, Boss Pei, because of his bad intentions. He became an executioner and lost his reputation, let alone small fry like them?”

“If they don’t change, they will end up like Meng Chang!”

“Thus, all of these smart entrepreneurs panicked.”

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“Before this, many small companies that were waiting in line for us to invest voluntarily quit. Those who had already received the investment also changed their behavior in the past. They did not dare to spend money extravagantly on marketing. Instead, they paid more attention to the products themselves.”

“Obviously, these people have some schemes on their minds. They don’t want to be the next Meng Chang. The Cold-Faced Lady’s situation is like the Sword of Damocles floating above their heads. It makes them tremble in fear and they don’t dare to have any other thoughts!”

“Cold-Faced Lady, this battle can be said to have settled everything with one battle: Previously, many entrepreneurs felt that Dream Realization Ventures’ money was the easiest to obtain. However, they now realize that while Dream Realization Ventures’ money is easy to obtain, the consequences of not doing anything are also the most disastrous!”