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After heading into the counseling room, I got down to business right away.

"Hurry it up, Sakagami. Please go ahead with the withdrawal process".

"It would seem there's a misunderstanding so allow me to correct you".

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Sakagami slowly spoke.

"There are contradictions within your statements".

"Huh? Wait a minute. Contradictions?".

"From what I understand, some sort of trouble happened between you and Class D?".

Could it be that, at the very last minute, Ayanokouji did it.

If he ignores my proposal and reports what happened to Karuizawa to the school then it won't just be me but also Ibuki and Ishizaki receiving the punishment. It won't end with just the loss of our private points.

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"Did they file a complaint against us or something?".

"Complaint? From what I understand, a student from Class D was also involved in the destruction of the surveillance camera".


For a moment, I couldn't understand what he's saying and I got confused.

"Class D has already paid private points covering the cost of repairs. What I wanted to confirm is whether or not you're fine with splitting the blame evenly or not".

"He's fucking with me......".

If you think that would stop me from dropping out then you're making a huge mistake, Ayanokouji.