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Chiaki sighed as she spoke up.

“Keita, you don’t need to focus on sakura blossoms, right? Even if we’re in Hokkaido, can’t we just start the story normally in April?”

“Ah, I see. Well, come to think of it…”

I tried once again and imagined a story that’s based on realistic depictions of the north.

“April. The northern lands are suddenly under an intense blizzard. I, Keita Amano, …found out her cold body under a thick and wet layer of snow…”

“Bad end!”

Everyone brutally complained about me.

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Aguri-san rejected my idea furiously.

“Indeed, we do get snow when the school’s opening up! But why must the female protagonist die!? This is too weird, right?”

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“Weird? No. In the setting, her head was hit by an icicle on the roof when she’s clearing the snow. Unfortunately, the snow kept piling up when she fainted. Then, she remained undiscovered until freezing to death. …What’s wrong with a realistic story like this?”

“What kind of realism are you looking after!?”

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This is strange. People praise games that are somewhat realistic, right?