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“There’s no need for you to apologize. None at all.”

Stretching her hands up towards the sky, she then hopped down onto the ground.

“This time, it’s my turn to help you. I’ll try to do all that I can.”

I wonder what Class B’s Ichinose Honami intends to do to confront this difficult situation.

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I was looking forward to it a little bit.

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That evening, I received a phone call as I was browsing through some online shops. My cellphone’s screen lit up as it was charging next to my bed, the caller ID indicating it was from Kushida Kikyou. I couldn’t resist doing a double-take to confirm that I wasn’t seeing things. Since I didn’t have the courage to call back if I missed it, I rolled across the room in my chair, grabbed my cell phone and dove onto my bed.

“Sorry for calling so late. Did I wake you up?”

“Hmm? Oh, I was thinking about going to bed in a little bit. Do you need something?”

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“Sakura-san’s digital camera broke, right? I feel like I’m partially to blame because I was talking to her and made her nervous, so I wanted to take responsibility for that…”

“At least, I don’t think you need to feel responsible for that. Besides, she’s just going to get it fixed, right? Since it’s important to her, wouldn’t she go even if she had to leave it with the shop?”

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As I asked this question, I realized that it wasn’t so simple. Sakura was extremely inept at talking with people, and she didn’t seem confident enough to go to the store on her own to repair it. It was probably somewhat similar to the situation where you’d feel slightly hesitant when you enter a restaurant alone.

It was a little hard to believe that the world was full of people of all kinds of characteristics and personalities.

Isn’t it particularly surprising that there are people who have trouble connecting with others?