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There was what he wanted to protect.

After he came to be called a hero, he began to fight for mankind and the world from the bottom of his heart.

But that wasn’t the case from the beginning.

“I... I wanted to be on the side of justice.”

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That’s the first time I’m hearing this from my father.

“When I was a kid, my father and mother were still living in a rural village... I was saved from a monster attack by an ally of justice.”

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I knew only the ‘achievement’ of my father as a hero. I heard that...

“I also... I wanted to be someone who can be there to help in that way. It all started there.”

The beginning of the father. That is, the origin.

“That person... Was it an 【Imperial Knight】?”

“Well... He helped us, and left without leaving a name as it is. However, to the person it seems natural to help. I thought it was cool. I admired that.”

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My father talks to me with eyes shining like a kid somewhere in a shy way.

“I’m simple. When we were to be on the side of justice in our time, we felt like an 【Imperial Knight】. So I wanted to be an 【Imperial Knight】 and be on the side of justice... or so I thought.” [5]

And now he has fulfilled that dream and he is still saving and protecting many people.

“...... I see.”

I listened to my father seriously for the first time, and I thought he was dazzling.