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“MSC’s flagship model is actually worse than Shenhua’s; it broke with a single touch.”

“This is so laughable. The UP Master had actually done a review on all three models but just hadn’t released the rest. That was unexpected!”

Seeing so many comments of people taking pleasure in other’s misfortune, Hu Xiao was a little stunned.

What was going on?

He hurriedly opened the ‘Hardcore Reviews’ page and found that a couple of minutes after his message had been posted, a new contribution had surfaced.

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Hardcore Reviews Three: MSC-B90.

This episode was the same as before in terms of content: immersion in water, dropping from a height, smashing the rear cover, forced dismantling…

Hu Xiao had never expected that MSCB90’s workmanship couldn’t even be compared to Shenhua’s!

Right from the first test on immersion in water, the MSCB90 had been switched on and placed in water for a time. After taking it out, although it looked as if nothing was wrong on the surface, when the UP Master reviewer used the phone; the audio was a little fuzzy, and the phone wasn’t very responsive to touch. Something was evidently wrong!

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Although the UP Master had not belabored on this point, all viewers could see this clearly.

Next was dropping the phone from a height as well as smashing the rear cover of the phone. MSCB90 performed even worse than Shenhua’s flagship. After dismantling the phone, the internal mechanisms were extremely complicated-bordering on chaotic.

Of course, the chaos could be reasonably explained by a complex and exquisite structure.

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However, the crux was MSC’s rear cover was indeed incomparable to Shenhua’s. Shenhua’s rear cover had only cracked after three or four strikes on it; after one strike, the MSC phone had evidently cracked and could easily be torn apart!