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“You actually weren’t that strong, were you?”

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If my foe talks to me so pompously, I will talk back. If you don’t fight back, they’ll relentlessly provoke you as much as they want.

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Then, the Great Demon King drew near me with a fiendish expression....

『Do not speak to me as you please, you wretch! Are you calling me a liar?』

...... It shouldn’t exist, such great pressure would be terrifying by any standard. It’s about to transform into something else.

『Fine! At that time, with but a fraction of my power, I proved that individually I was superior to any of the Heroes.』

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And, while approaching me with such powerful aura worthy of his title, the Great Demon King made a certain proposal.

He was defeated in the past, but would have won if my father did not use cowardly methods and was able to read the mood. prove that he was definitely more powerful than my father.

”...... You can’t do it, can you? Such a thing. You’re a ghost.”

Yes, it is impossible for the Great Demon King, who as a ghost can’t see or hear anything except through me, and can’t interfere with reality.

But the Great Demon King......

『...... You shall act as proof, wretch!』

『You shall take my place, wielding the power of the Great Demon King! And thus, be witness to my greatness as you blossom! 』

...... Now...... What did he say? The Great Demon King...... wants to train me?

『To begin with, in Two Months Time! In just two months, I shall raise you to such a level that your Princess would offer little challenge! 』

It was a situation that began with the hurling of insults to one another.

I was pressured as it was by the words of the Demon King who was furiously groaning.

『Right, prepare to begin training without delay! Therefore, purchase all items I tell you to! 』