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“But, I actually really respect people that can put up a performance on their own. Ah, I didn’t mean to cheer you up. Just saying. It takes a lot of effort, after all. It’s incredible for people to not give up and learn that skill.”

I spoke to Konoha-san as I stared her in the eyes. Then, she turned away from me.

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“…You are saying that naturally again…!”


Did I mention something like this to Konoha-san before? I don’t really remember. Crap. I forgot something that the girl remembered. Isn’t this super impolite?

Just as I frowned to try and dig into my memory, Konoha-san leaned towards me with a mischievous smile on her face.

“Wow, Amano-senpai, I can’t believe you can forget interacting with such a cute girl. Are you thinking too highly of yourself right now?”

“Ouch…! Y-You’re right. I’m getting ahead of myself! Just a while ago, I will remember all conversations from my high school!”

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“…Ah..I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you remember the pathetic high school life you were in…”

“Eh? You’re now pretending to be a girl that shows her compassion to a regretful senpai! Please don’t do that! I’m feeling really empty right now!”

After my protest, Konoha-san smiled happily before asking me in a pranking tone.

“Eh…Amano-senpai, do you mean you’re the type that all people want to bully on?”

“Exactly. People often see me like that without realizing it!”

“Ahaha, I guess so! Hey, it’s fun to bully senpai, after all!”

“You just spew that insult out of your mouth so randomly! By the way, Konoha-san, I don’t feel like you’re trying to pretend as a lovely little sister anymore!”

“Eh? Ah…yeah, you’re right.”

Konoha-san gave me a bitter smile. This time, she scratched the back of her head roughly and started to face me with the true her.

“Sigh, for me. I’m not a girl that hides everything in my heart, not to mention negative emotions. Everything from work, affection, and sexual desire- I mean power. I wanted to vent them out whenever I wanted to.”

I agree with her.