Software that does not invest online

Software that does not invest online

Many clients were viewing the fitness equipment and asking about specific rules in the resting area. Some customers had already started exercising inside.

Coaches like Guo Licheng and Yaling were giving intimate one-on-one services to help customers correct their postures and correct their fitness concepts.

Pei Qian could not help but feel his heart sink.

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Are things going to go downhill this fast?

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No, impossible!

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Pei Qian had one word to describe Deposit Fitness’ current situation:


He had already displayed all the requirements at the entrance, prohibited Deposit Fitness’ trainers from roping customers in, and set unreasonable prices by collaborating with Fish-Catching Take-Out to sell packages...

He had even transferred the gym’s original customers to another gym. Why were there still so many customers? Why?!

Pei Qian was extremely indignant. He wanted to look for Guo Licheng for an explanation. Guo Licheng had just finished teaching a student when he saw Boss Pei walk in. He quickly stepped forward to welcome him.

“Boss Pei!” Guo Licheng smiled brightly.

Could he help himself? The gym used to be so empty before, and no one had bothered about it. Apart from training himself, Guo Licheng could not do anything else but sit in the resting area. He had been very bored. Yet, what about now? There was work to do!

This was the first time Guo Licheng felt that it was worth celebrating the work he had to do.

While he had been working at other gyms, his schedule had always been packed. However, he had not felt accomplished. Instead, he felt exhausted.