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I gave her a light greeting as she glanced at me while trying not to drop her gaze.

Sadiz bowed her head, bewildered as her shoulders were shaking.

It’s clear that she still didn’t understand what I meant by “settle it” yet.

But that’s fine now.

So there’s no need to force things to turn sour now.

Simply, just that.

Even if we can’t interact like we used to, there’s no need to put up a wall.

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“Big brother! She is still sleeping in bed, but play with Amae when she wakes up.”

“Will do.”

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I was frustrated and impatient, but I was able to do one thing I couldn’t before, and I went through hell.

That fact may have given me some leeway in my heart.

And then......

“It seems thou has made quite the accomplishment.”

“Ja... no...”

This draining period. Jamdi’el, who didn’t exchange a word, appeared in the dining hall and smiled in a somewhat good mood as she silently looked on.

“Ah... I’ve worried you too, ‘High Priestess’.”

“Hmm. That sounds quite condescending. But...... somewhat, more than before... what did thou do?”

“Well, look forward to it at the upcoming tournament.”