Regular online part-time platform

Regular online part-time platform

She pulled herself closer, as if hugging his muscular left arm. However, Mashima used his strength to forcefully pull it out of her grip.

“Are you bothered?”

“I’m not bothered.”

“Ehh, then at least take me back to my room~ And then maybe we should have another drink in there? Until morning.”

“I’m sorry, but I’m also going back to my room. You too, don’t drink too much, okay?”

“Don’t you think this is a once in a lifetime opportunity?”

“I’m sorry, but I have no intention of getting involved with you or Chabashira. It’ll only cause trouble.”

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“Sooo strict~”

Hoshinomiya quietly sipped her drink at the now empty bar counter.

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It was the same day as the get-together where the teachers complained to one-another. The students, who didn’t know anything about their teachers’ troubles, joined their friends to make memories during their remaining time on the luxury cruise ship.

But I, Horikita Suzune, was going to use what little time remained of these holidays for something else entirely.

There was a counter for employees and receptionists in front of the entrance to private pool. If it was available, you could register and pay here to use the pool. However, I heard that the private pool was very popular among the students, so it was likely that it was almost fully booked. Of course, that was convenient for me.

“Excuse me, I’m thinking of making a reservation for the private pool.”

I spoke to an employee stationed at the reception desk. The employee started to give a simple explanation in a familiar manner, as if he had already had the same conversation with many students over and over again.

“Please fill out this form with your preferred time slot. If it’s full, there is also a waiting list.”

With that, the employee handed me a clipboard. I didn’t come to this place to enjoy the private pool. I went through all this trouble to get my hands on the clipboard that I just received.

“I’m borrowing this.”