Online accompanying chat to make money Soft Star exchange

Online accompanying chat to make money Soft Star exchange

The customers of Deposit Fitness were basically stabilized now.

There were more types of fitness meals; fitness became easier to stick to. Anyone who had been with Deposit Fitness had obvious results. Their physical data indicators improved visibly.

Customers could now make appointments on their mobile phones with the application, without worrying about having too many people in the gym.

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It seemed as though there was only one opportunity left to show everyone the magical effects of Deposit Fitness.

Guo Licheng was not sure how long the opportunity would last, maybe for a month or

However, he firmly believed that everything was in Boss Pei’s plan. The opportunity would definitely come back if he waited patiently!

Pei Qian immediately took out his notebook when he was back at Fish-Catching Internet Cafe and checked the departments to which DGE Esports Club might have connections.

After intensive investigations, Pei Qian initially locked onto three suspected departments, Tengda Games, Shang Yang Games, and Fish-Catching Internet Cafe. “DGE Esports Club did not have an IOI project so Shang Yang Games’ suspicion is the smallest. Tengda Games... is quite possible.

“Fish-Catching Internet Cafe... seems possible now, but Xiao Peng told me previously that it would only open on Wednesday. Today is only Tuesday?

“It doesn’t coincide with two hours’?

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“Yes, I can ask the Manage Loss Trainees of these two departments to see if there is anything worth noting.” However, Pei Qian’s phone received a message when he was considering which department he should ask first.

It was from Xiao Peng.

“Boss Pei! Fish-Catching Internet Cafe 3.0 will officially open today. I wonder if you might have the time to attend the opening ceremony.”

Pei Qian looked at this message with a question mark floated silently above his head.