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Is it true that the online point makes money?

Neither this could be used.

“The Dark Side of Technology in the Eyes of Pessimists”

Pei Qian read several film reviews in a row and eliminated them directly from the title.

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You could figure out from the words like ‘Triple Meaning’, ‘Dark Side of Technology’, and ‘Consumerism’ that they were reviewed after quite a fair amount of thought.

These people were already reading too much into it without him even giving them money!

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“What’s in the mind of you film critics?!

“Deep meaning and pessimism again. Can’t you all analyze the superficial meaning of this film, its toxicity?”

Pei Qian was speechless and continued to work tirelessly to find the right one.

He was looking for the kind of poor review which had a huge number of likes and responses. The responses would only clearly make the audience realize that the reviews were twisted and hired fake reviewers!

He did not find any valuable comments after turning two or three pages in a row.

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Pei Qian could only filter the ratings, sorting them from low to high and starting from one-star ratings. As expected, it seemed much more normal now.

“Failed Works with Lack of Imagination”

“No logic, full of loopholes”

“Suitable for young people to watch, can’t stand it after ten minutes”

“One-star rating because of Lu Zhiyao!”

Pei Qian nodded his head in satisfaction. Yes, this should be the case!

What a pity that there were too few of such reviews. There were not many reviews as well. It seemed like everyone was stubbornly stomping them down. There was zero desire to compete with the other critics.

Pei Qian clicked in casually to take a look and found that they did not quite meet his requirements either.

Reviews who gave one-star ratings were basically very subjective. They were very one-sided and gave such ratings because something they saw in it did not suit their taste. The content was naturally full of prejudice.