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Albert silently came over and lifted Ishizaki up by his arm.

"Geh! Do it more gently! Let go".

Slam. Ishizaki collapsed.

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Seeing that little interaction play out, I ended up thinking it seemed fun. However, the other students in our group could only see Ishizaki and them as parasites. Keisei too, ignored them and moved to leave and so I daringly stood my ground.

"They're an amusing bunch, aren't they?".

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I daringly said so and drew Keisei's attention.

"It's better to leave them be, Kiyotaka. They're just fooling around. If you don't want to draw their attention, it's best not to look at them".

Keisei said so, trying to obstruct my field of view.

"He might not be as bad as Sudou but Ishizaki is also the type of guy to hit first and ask questions later. It might end up being Ryuuen all over again, you know".

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"Still, we're in the same group. I'm sure they'll be fine with a certain degree of contact, won't they?".

I pointed. And Ishizaki, noticing us, glared back. Keisei cowered for a moment but Ishizaki quickly dragged Albert and left the dojo.

"'re surprisingly brave, Kiyotaka".

In truth, it's because I already knew all about the true state of affairs between Ishizaki and his group but I'd like to let them know, indirectly, that drawing attention to that here is inadvisable. As long as Keisei is the leader, controlling students from other classes will be essential, to a degree.

"Keisei, we may have to peel off another layer here at this outdoor school".

"A layer? What do you mean?".

"It means we'll have to befriend Ishizaki and Albert too. At least to a certain extent".