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“Wow, this is embarrassing.”

“As in being fair-weather friends.”

“Wow, this is upsetting.”

“Ah, you can use ‘eternal friendship’ instead.”

“Stop, it’s even more upsetting. Well, it’s not like I don’t understand.”

“Really? Glad to-“

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“Ah, then give me a ring, Amanocchi. You don’t need to fill it with love. I just need an expensive one.”

“Uwah, this BFF sucks.”

Although I’m speechless, I rolled the straw wrapping paper on the table and handed it over. Aguri-san pinched the ring. She looks clearly dissatisfied.

“Uwah, here it goes. This is the one I hate the most.”

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“The price is irrelevant during the oath, right?”

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“The cliché line makes this even more annoying, ..sheesh.”

Aguri-san put the ring on her left middle finger with a bitter smile. Then…

“Ah, then I should give you a ring as well.”

“Eh, really? Well, give me a ring that can be pawned for a high price-“

“Yes, it’s a very high- temperature onion.”

“That’s just an onion ring!”