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Bao Xu remained quiet for a moment and said, “I think I was confused and lost about my own future.

“At the time—apart from gaming, nothing really excited me. I wasn’t interested in anything else. Even when I left the internet cafe, I had nowhere to go. As time went by, I found myself stuck in a vicious cycle.

“Now, looking back, I think I would have been reduced to nothing if things were allowed to carry on.”

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At that moment, Xia Jiang asked, “What caused the change, then?”

Bao Xu recalled what had happened. “Someone found me in the internet cafe and hired me to design a game.

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“At first, I didn’t believe him. However, he looked very sincere. He even gave me five hundred yuan upfront and told me that there was a top-tier computer that had two monitors in his office. He said I could play games there any time that I wanted.

“Five hundred yuan was not much, but… for the first time in my life, I felt important and appreciated. At that moment, I realized that I was not a piece of trash who knew nothing but playing games.

“Thus, I walked out of the internet cafe.

“At that time, I did not think that my life would be changed forever.”

Xia Jiang said, “You’re quite an outstanding employee in Tengda Games. It’s said that you’ve been placed second for ‘best employee’ twice. Both times, you got a paid one-month holiday. How do you feel about this?”

Bao Xu smiled bitterly. “I feel regret.”

Xia Jiang was shocked. “Regret?”

Bao Xu nodded. “That’s right, I regret being selected.”

Xia Jiang could not help but smile. “That’s very hard to understand. Most people would probably be over the moon if they had such opportunities to go for paid holidays, right?”

Bao Xu shook his head, helpless. “I did not want to leave. I would choose to stay in the office to work over roaming around outside any day.

Xia Jiang said, “But you still went in the end.”

Bao Xu nodded. “That’s right. I wanted to give it up and let the person who came in third go on the paid holidays instead. However… rules were rules. I could not change them.”

Xia Jiang became curious. “This is the first time I’m hearing something like that.

“The company arranged for one of their best employees to go for a paid, one-month-long holiday. Not only did they pay their salary, but they also covered all costs of the holiday. The employee did not want this prize and attempted to transfer it to someone else, but the company did not allow it!