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So, out of a total of 100 stickers, there were three specially prepared QR codes. I skimmed through the three riddles and then put the paper in my pocket.

“Registration will open for 30 minutes starting now. Please indicate whether you will participate or not from your mobile phone. If anyone is unable to turn on the power due to their battery running out, please contact the nearest teacher immediately.”

One after another, students pulled out their phones and started to check in. A few students left the room, but it was safe to assume that almost everyone in the room would be participating. The treasure hunt game would end at 5pm, and we would have to read the QR code by that time.

I, like many others, took out my phone and decided to participate.

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However, with so many people here, the number of stares focused on me was the highest it’d been in days. When it was on such a large scale, the fact that they were looking at me would be noticed by other year groups. I wondered if they were working together, or if they had been instructed to do so beforehand, but as soon as the other years started to follow their gazes, the stares at me temporarily diminished and scattered.

It seemed like they didn't intend to make it known that they were watching me at this stage. They were saving it for a more effective or damaging situation. As long as I didn’t know what their ultimate goal was, I needed to conduct myself properly.

I saw Kei, my girlfriend, among the participants, but we didn’t even look at each other. This was because we refrained from making blatant eye contact as long as our relationship remained unannounced. Of course, even if we were told we could pair up, we wouldn’t. It was unthinkable for Ayanokouji Kiyotaka and Karuizawa Kei to pair up in a place like this.

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At this point, Horikita appeared in front of the students with a microphone.

“I am Horikita from the student council. I have a request for all students who will be participating. In order to prevent fraud, participants will be asked to pay 10,000 points when they leave the room, and at the same time, they will be asked to fill their names on the register by year group. Asking others to write it for you is not permitted. This is a measure to prevent unauthorized participation using a third party’s phone, so please fill it in. After you receive your reward, please return here to report it by the time the test ends. If you disregard this, there is a possibility the reward may become invalid.”

There was no way to connect the phone to the student for a simple mobile payment.

This meant that it would be possible to use another phone to participate. Regardless of how much of a problem that was in and of itself, it was certainly a departure from the original intent of the game, which was to participate by following the rules. However, by forcing the user to fill out a list that includes identification at the time of payment, the phone could be tied to the user. Even if I got paid with someone else’s phone, they’d be able to spot the rule violation at the last check, and even if I sent the owner of the phone, they wouldn’t be recognized because their name wouldn’t be on the list. It was also possible that people who didn’t pay for the event could secretly download the app.

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