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Online kinds of money to buy lottery tickets

“Isn’t it a fact?”


“Well, Mii will leave first.”

Mii-chan dashed towards Main-san after saying that.

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I looked at her innocent back. Then, Aguri-san stood next to me and asked.

“So? Seriously, Amanocchi, do you really think you have a chance?”

“…Uh, …sigh, …how should I say this…? I think I have?”

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“No, I’m the main heroine in this duel. I do hope that you can guarantee ‘yes’ like a man.”

Aguri-san felt a bit deflated. It can’t be helped. I changed my mind to cheer her up.

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“…I do, I do.”

“No, no, no, ‘have’ and ‘yes’ are the same thing. You can just say it once! I feel like you’re just being flippant right now!”

“I’m sorry. It looks like I feel a bit deflated after thinking that this is a duel where Aguri-san is the main heroine. …I think I’m only at 70%!o(MISSING)f my true power…”