How to make money online shopping?

How to make money online shopping?

At Tengda Games…

Pei Qian flipped through his little notebook. There were two more people he had to make arrangements for.

Actually, the first name on Boss Pei’s little notebook was not Lin Wan. After all, Lin Wan had only helped him save hundreds of thousands of yuan in rent. He could easily spend all of that money now.

What’s more, considering the two hundred thousand yuan Lin Chang gave to him, Boss Pei had to be lenient in dealing with Lin Wan.

The first name on the little notebook was Qiao Liang!

The week before last, when The Lonely Desert Road was updated, Teacher Qiao praised Tengda once again. As a result, Pei Qian nearly hired someone to murder Teacher Qiao.

Ever since Tengda Games released The Lonely Desert Road until it released Game Designer and the new downloadable content, Teacher Qiao had been like a relentless ghost.

Ever since he began looking into Teacher Qiao earlier, Pei Qian had not figured out a good way to deal with him.

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Qiao Liang lived in Beijing, but he was not a local of Beijing. This made him a mere migrant worker there.

He should have been living a difficult life in the beginning. After joining Aili Island, his living standards improved significantly because he was able to depend on the incentive plan and everyday sponsored partnerships. He could even afford to decline low-end sponsored partnerships.

Basically, ever since he recommended Game Designer under the Products of the Gods series, Teacher Qiao freeloaded off ‘performance-art-style of marketing’. After that, he unknowingly managed to rake in sponsored partnerships without doing much else.

It was all very strange. Other UP Masters were scolded as they accepted sponsored partnerships. However, when Teacher Qiao did the same, the bullet screen comments were filled with praise for his ‘good performance’ or ‘good artwork’!

When other UP Masters saw this, they became overwhelmingly envious.