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“Actually, I should have thought of this long ago. Why would Boss Pei be satisfied to completely replicate the model of other live-stream platforms? It must be different since it’s Tengda Corporation’s business!”

“This is especially obvious when you combine it with Boss Pei’s usual mode of operations.”

“Boss Pei might not have explicitly told us how to run Bunny Tail Live-Stream, but he gave us enough hints through his suggestions and promotional videos!”

Ma Yang blinked, his long face filled with suspicion. “Really? Tell me, exactly what’s the case?”

Chen Yufeng explained, “First, the timing that Boss Pei chose is very subtle.”

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“Obviously, Boss Pei has been paying attention to the development of the live-stream industry. However, he did not enter during the initial stages of the live-stream industry. Instead, he only entered when the competition between the major live-stream platforms reached its climax. This brought unprecedented competitive pressure to Bunny Tail live-stream. It doesn’t look like a wise move.”

“However, what if we think from another perspective?”

“There would be very few users watching the live-stream during the initial stages of the live-stream platform. All sorts of business models would have to be slowly figured out. At this time, being the first bird to stand out and the vanguard team would definitely be able to obtain good returns, but there would also be the risk of others taking advantage of them. Just like those veteran live-stream platforms, they spent a huge sum of money to develop the business model of live-streaming. However, they were quickly impacted by the emerging live-stream platform and were on the verge of collapse.”

“What’s the benefit of entering now? On the one hand, we can directly observe the business models of other live-stream platforms, avoid the detours that they have already taken, and reduce the cost of trial and error. On the other hand, we are facing a mature market. We don’t need to nurture user habits. We can directly poach high-quality users from other platforms as long as our platforms do well. Finally, and most importantly, in the current situation, the competition for live-stream platforms might seem to be reaching a climax, but it is far from going downhill. We still have new areas to expand!”

Ma Yang was skeptical. “So what should we do?”

Chen Yufeng: “We have to follow Boss Pei’s usual style.”

“Differentiation is an important reason why Tengda Corporation has always been successful. Be it take-outs, internet cafes, gyms, games, or movies, Tengda Corporation is working hard to overturn existing rules in the industry.”

“Obviously, it is the same for live-streaming.”

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“It would definitely be very difficult for Bunny Tail to succeed because other live-streaming platforms would have a very strong lead if we were to simply imitate the model of other live-streaming platforms.”