Earnity effect on the Internet

Earnity effect on the Internet

“Both of my parents work full-time, so I was in charge of cooking dinner most of the time.”

Horikita spoke quietly, as if she knew exactly what I had been thinking and the meaning behind my gaze.

“You don’t find it too troublesome or time-consuming?”

While cooking can be fun, there were certainly many troublesome parts of the process.

“After I found out my brother went to this school, I took it upon myself to practice cooking more often.”

“Were you preparing yourself to enroll at this school and live life on your own?”

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“That’s correct.”

I could hear Horikita put down the knife she had been using and set about putting the finishing touches on the pot of miso soup.

Even so, I found myself wondering what we were going to be talking about if we weren’t going to be discussing the special exam.

I still didn’t have the slightest idea.

(Part 9 End)

After waiting for another fifteen minutes…

Horikita had finished cooking and set everything out on the table. Seeing all of the food spread out before me was better than I had expected it to be. The way the meal decorated the dining table was similar to how you would see on TV from time to time. She then wrapped everything up by sitting down across from me.

If Sudō were to see the two of us like this, he’d probably throw a punch at me in rage.

Even if I were to tell him that it was a misunderstanding, it still probably wouldn’t get me anywhere.

Better yet, I wanted to believe that he had already experienced this kind of treatment.