money worth

money worth

Pei Qian shook his head. “Our strategy has no problem. Your top priority should not be on marketing. Your priority now should be on production!”

“Put all the money into production. I want to see 14,000 units of OTTO cell phones in the warehouse before next Wednesday!”

Chang You’s lips parted slightly, unable to speak.

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Stock up even more? It was not selling anymore! Yet, we are going to stock up 14,000 units? It would be great if they could sell the 4,000 stock on hand now. It would not be too late to stock up then! Pei Qian asked the dazed Chang You. “Can you do it?”

Chang You replied immediately, “Yes! No problem!”

Pei Qian felt much better as he returned to his residence. The pressure to make a loss in this cycle had been greatly reduced!

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Pei Qian had discovered that the calculation of profit and loss by the system was rather simple and crude. It would only be the change in system funds.

The conversion of money into physical or virtual property would not be included in the statistics of the system funds. Only 10%!o(MISSING)f large real estate would be included.

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Pei Qian even wanted to move all his excess funds from other places to stock up the OTTO cell phone.

He had, however, resisted the temptation. He knew very well that such an action had its risk, and it was a huge risk.

It would be like ROF Computer-Installation previously. If it suddenly became popular, the stocks would be all bought, and all money would be lost.

It was the same now. Pei Qian would have been hoarding them for nothing if these cell phones were sold for some inexplicable reason.