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The Hoshinomori sisters tilted their heads. Then, I presented my idea stemmed from reverse thinking.

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“To confirm what Uehara-kun’s really thinking, and to end this matter as soon as possible…Why don’t we just gather all relevant girls in one place? To put it this way, I wanted to drag Tendou-san and Aguri-san into the Game Hobby Club, what do you two think?”

So, back to the present, in the donut shop a week after the meeting.

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Also, during this week, there are no apparent changes in our interpersonal relationships. The main reason is that Uehara-kun went on an overseas trip with his family after that. However, this means that Chiaki had the time for reconsideration, I don’t think it’s terrible. What if…Uehara-kun already saw this coming when he confessed? If that’s the case, he’s indeed a terrific normie.

“Hmm…but, I’m really not interested in gaming.”

Aguri-san’s still frustrated during my trip of memory. I’ve already argued with her for more than 30 minutes. Even so…I’m still not backing down.

“Please! Can you! It’ll be fun. Moreover, Uehara-kun will be there as well!”

“That’s actually quite compelling…But intervening that much in my boyfriend’s hobbies or friends. To be honest, don’t you think a girlfriend like this will be annoying?”

“Not at all! You’re a god among females! Guys can’t find you annoying!”

“But your tone is annoying as hell. What’s actually going on, Amanocchi?”

“Me? I…I’m just a passerby that worships my friend’s girlfriend as a god among females.”

“There’s no way for a passerby to stand out this much!”

“At least I’m completely willing to hold a ritual with the blood of a chicken just for you!”