Zero investment online game make money

Zero investment online game make money

Boss Pei’s plan was too deep and unpredictable.

Therefore, he just had to execute it seriously.

SUG Club...

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Manager Li frowned as he read Zhang Yuan’s new message. He was at a loss.

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Boss Pei was not playing by the book again!

For the past two days, Manager Li’s mood had been like a tree branch in the sea, rising and falling as he suffered.

At first, he had thought that there was nothing much to Boss Pei.

Slowly, he realized that Boss Pei had signed a contract, but thought that Boss Pei was bluffing.

Now, he realized that Boss Pei was being serious! He had prepared a backup plan!

All of Manager Li’s previous judgments had been based on the assumption that if there were not enough companies, Tengda would not take over.

However, to Manager Li’s horror, there were people taking over the business, and many of them at that!

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The other three clubs had backed out, and now ten bidders were vying for three GOG teams.

Moreover, most of those ten buyers had powerful backgrounds!

Now, Manager Li was conflicted again.

That was because he felt that this group of big shots would definitely be able to pay an astronomical figure if ten of them were to fight for three spots.

If he could really sell his GOG team for twenty million yuan, Manager Li would probably be able to give his boss an explanation. After all, the premium was too high, and his boss would find it hard to reject it.

As for re-entering the scene in the future... that would have to wait.

Who knew how good the GPL would be? What if its popularity gradually decreased and the GPL slots became cheaper?