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Anger, depression, jealousy, jealousy, JEALOUSY, hate, and-

(I will never….never tolerate something like this!)


(I can’t believe things are going this way…going this way…This is too weird…!)

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I can’t help but try and pinch my cheeks…It hurts. It hurts so much. Perhaps I’m pinching the wrong spot, so I tried the other side as well. In the end, the result is the same. It’s just that both sides hurt equally now.


This time, the sadness in my heart overwhelmed anger. Tears nearly fell out of my eyes.

However, I immediately cheered myself up. “I can’t do that!”

The same thing goes for playing games. If I cried out of depression, everything’s over. While it’s fine to cry out of regret and hate for it to be the fuel of the next match, however, crying out of sadness will extinguish the fire inside my heart. It’s because those kinds of years will really end everything.


After I adjusted my breaths, I tried to cheer myself up once again. So, …I tried my best to be objective as if I’m describing this to another person…and started remembering how did I know those two started ‘dating.’

Around an hour ago.

When the bus broke down, Uehara-kun, Aguri-san, and I started chilling around the kiosk after we walked all the way back to the rest station.

However, I really can’t deny the fact that I’m an extra when I’m facing Uehara-kun and Aguri-san as a couple. So, after a slight consideration, I said, “Ah, I-I’m going to walk around the kiosk.” Then, I left the seat directly.

That’s the worst mistake I’ve made today.

In reality, there’s almost nothing to see at the kiosk. I quickly started strolling inside since I have nothing else to do…So, I noticed it.

The entrance towards Starry Plaza.

I’m glad to know that I can kill time for a moment. However, after I read the instructions, I realized there’s not enough time for me to get to the top and come back.

But, even so, I can never give up “seeing a sky filled with beautiful stars,” no matter what. Anyway, I believed the instruction that mentioned there’s already enough space to watch the stars on the path to the plaza. I started walking up to the middle of the mountain while thinking I have to try it out to know.