How is online movies to operate?

How is online movies to operate?

Of course, this would be during the next cycle.

“Boss Pei, it’s not only that we don’t have a budget anymore for filming.” Zhu Xiaoce sighed slightly, “Actually, we had used all our existing funds and even our own money first; but we realized it wasn’t enough. We actually still owe our employees a month’s worth of pay…”

“Good!” Pei Qian said loudly.

Zhu Xiaoce was stunned, “?”

Pei Qian coughed two times. “You guys have done well. This shows that your employees are of one heart and one mind with you two! Under this tough situation, no one had thought of quitting. This shows that Fei Huang Workspace has become a mature team that can withstand challenges!

“You guys shouldn’t use your own money first at all. Go look for Assistant Xin. However much you guys are lacking or need to be repaid, it will all be given.”

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“No, wait. That might not be sufficient. Delaying the payment of wages is not a good thing; we’ll pay them their wages with interest as well. We cannot mistreat our supportive brothers!”

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Huang Sibo was stunned. “Boss Pei, this isn’t appropriate, right? I have never heard of people paying late wages with interest before…”

Pei Qian shook his hand, asking Huang Sibo to stop talking

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“Huang Sibo. What films you guys want to shoot or how you guys want to fight and challenge yourselves, I do not care. However, I cannot allow anything that might sully the image of our company!

“For employees that went through hard times together with Tengda, we cannot allow them to be discouraged, understand?”

Boss Pei spoke so righteously.

Huang Sibo was so touched tears welled up in his eyes.

This was… the warmth of a family!

Regardless of how much one might have suffered or how many setbacks one might have experienced outside, returning to Tengda was like returning home. One would never need to worry; Tengda and Boss Pei would be their backing!

Seeing Boss Pei looking and not seeming to mind that they had used up so much money, Huang Sibo and Zhu Xiaoce felt like a huge burden had been lifted off their shoulders.

Pei Qian asked, “Are you guys still intending to do a documentary for the next project?”

Huang Sibo shook his head, “As for this, we haven’t decided yet. We’ll wait for this documentary to be uploaded and see the response first. However, we probably wouldn’t continue with this theme. It’s not because we can’t make money from this but because we have already shot many things we wanted to showcase.

“We might change a new theme to shoot.”