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“Besides being a loser, you’re also unmanly!”

Of course, the people around me who were watching them all raised their voices.

But José wasn’t afraid at all…

“Silence! It’s all about this guy… yes, you!”


“He’s trying to take …… my woman away from me! I can’t let that happen!”

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José pointed at me… eh?

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“………… huh?”

No, my anger dropped for a moment at the unexpected words, and I tilted my head.

“Eh, big brother?”

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“The lad?”

“…… Little man?”

Everyone’s eyes were directed at the same time. But I didn’t really understand any of this.

“Wai, wait a minute! When did I try to steal a woman from you! I mean, wha? Your girls are those five over there, right? A bitch group called the José Girls! Far from being interested in sh*ts like that, I don’t want to see their faces!?”

“”””Whoa… exaggerate much…””””

Everyone in the town was retorting all at once against me, but there were no lies here.

I had no interest in the five bitches called the José Girls.