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“Well? Is it the same card Katsuragi-kun had?”

“No… Hmm. I thought I’d know seeing it… But it’s of a different color than I remember.”

“There’s a possibility that the keycard is of different color depending on the class.”

“Indeed. But there’s a shortage of material to decide. If we make a mistake we can’t recover.”

When I tried to return the card, I dropped it from my hand on the ground.

At the same time I let my voice in panic, Horikita immediately reached out her hand to pick it up. She put the card in her jacket, but due to the noise we naturally gathered the attention of surroundings.

“What happened?”

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Kushida looked over here a bit worriedly. Ibuki as well.

“No, it’s nothing. There was a bug and I got surprised. Yuck.”

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When I looked at Horikita apologizing, she glared at me terrified.


Horikita became extremely furious and took a distance from me.