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Then, …I’m definitely taking the opportunity, that chance-

“…I’m doing it.”

-I bet the determination of a passerby. I can never miss a chance like that.

Aguri-san froze when I suddenly changed my mind. …Even I freaked out for a bit as well. Actually, my body is shivering. Retail is the least suitable field for me to work in.

However, even so…


I clenched my fists on my kneecaps that are already full of sweat.

Then, I slowly raised my face as I tried to muster up my courage and answered her.

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“If you don’t mind a guy like me, please let me challenge it…and take that retail job.”

So, we’re preparing for the school trip…

The preparations for the final “collapse” are slowly being completed.

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Translator: your_pingas