Online teaching note to make money routines

Online teaching note to make money routines

For instance, Cui Geng mainly lacked direction and motivation.

On the other hand, Ming Yu was filled with motivation, and he was a hard worker. However, he was working hard and not smart.

Today’s student faced different problems as well. He had no confidence in himself and wrote very conservatively, not daring to try new content.

Wu Bin had observed all of those problems while chatting with the writers. Of course, the writers also knew their own problems. After all, every writer hoped to become a novel god one day. Often, they reflected a lot on their own flaws and shortcomings. All Wu Bin had had to do was offer some guidance. Then, the writers had gotten a clear picture of where their shortcomings were immediately.

During this process, Wu Bin discovered that all of their problems could be resolved using the Tengda spirit!

Obviously, this was no coincidence.

That was because the Tengda spirit was a methodology. Now that Wu Bin had understood it on a philosophical level, he could apply it almost universally!

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The Tengda spirit could teach people how to regulate themselves and achieve the highest level of productivity. Of course, it would be effective for anyone who wanted to establish a successful career!

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‘Make hinting the norm, use inducement as encouragement, teach according to aptitude, and achieve the goal through different routes!’ That was what Wu Bin had come up with, to sum up how to impart the Tengda spirit to others.

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Through hinting and inducement, Wu Bin could point out where others were lacking in terms of creative writing or working. Then, he could treat the root of each problem by using the Tengda spirit to resolve their confusion. Finally, he could direct everyone to the common goal of working in perfect condition!

Wu Bin had also summarized what the ‘perfect working condition’ was. That mainly consisted of three points: First, maximizing productivity using the limited working hours available and by having sufficient rest and entertainment...

Second, maintaining an adequate level of motivation to work by having a clear reward mechanism...

Third, learning from the pursuit of one’s own interests and establishing a career out of passion!

After summarizing those three points, Wu Bin compared them to all the regulations that Boss Pei had in place at the moment and found that they matched perfectly.

Boss Pei had provided an ideal environment for rest and entertainment, as well as complete welfare benefits for all his employees. That matched Wu Bin’s first point.

Boss Pei had established TPDb for ratings, thus providing a reward mechanism for employees. That matched Wu Bin’s second point.

Boss Pei encouraged internal transfers and gave the best employees Dream Funds for them to fulfill their own dreams. That matched Wu Bin’s third point. All the above showed the perfect working condition that Boss Pei advocated for!

Wu Bin was now helping all the writers reach that perfect working condition. At the moment, he was achieving remarkable results. If this method was proving effective on the writers, then it would probably be equally effective on all the other employees of Tengda!