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The experience of the Thriller Hostel was different from other places.

Basically, all the buildings were remodeled by the old industrial zones so they had a sense of age. At the same time, the style of the entire area was very uniform. There was no feeling that a certain building was particularly outstanding. The feeling of the entire area was that it was very open, just like a park.

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Many amusement parks need to purchase entrance tickets to limit the flow of people so they would appear relatively closed. Tourists were more anxious after entering because time was limited. They all wanted to hurry to the famous projects, queue up, and play so they would not feel at ease to hang out.

What was different here was that they could enter and exit at will. It gave people the feeling of walking in the nearby park, which was more relaxing

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In no time, everyone came to the central square and saw the peculiar maze and healing fountain in front of it.

Looking towards the distance, they could see large workshops where the three projects were located. The road signs clearly pointed out the directions. The names of the three projects were: Desperate Escape, Haunted House Nightmare, and Ultimate Horror.

There were leaflets at the entrance of nearby shops which could be picked up by tourists. In addition to the map of the entire Thriller Hostel, there were also introductions to the different projects.

Someone took a few leaflets and distributed them to everyone.

“Fu*k, the prices differ so much? Desperate Escape is only 10 yuan when Ultimate Horror is 100 yuan?” “Ultimate Horror sounds like something that spent a lot of money to build.”

“Ultimate Horror’ had no introduction, only two words: Don’t go? Fu*king advertisement, I’m more tempted to go now...”

“But there is definitely a big problem with this pricing strategy? Reading the introduction, Desperate Escape seems to be a replayable model like Be Quiet. Since it was replayable, shouldn’t the price be sent higher? At least 30 yuan?”

“The Ultimate Horror is rather expensive. It’s just a large factory space. Many people were scared out of it within five minutes. Wouldn’t most people be worried about their wallets and not dare to go?”

“Who knows? Let’s enter and see how it is.”