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I greeted her with a thrust in the same direction as her aim towards my torso.

As a result, the tips of both our swords collide and clashed together.

Iron and iron collided violently, and a high-pitched metallic sound reverberated.

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「No way!」

Due to the unexpected situation, Rose opened her eyes wide in shock, creating a slight opening.

There is no way I’m going to miss this opportunity.

I immediately dropped my center of gravity and drove a thrust towards her chest instantly.

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My perfectly timed thrust – just slightly grazed her flank.

In that state where she was late by more than one breath, she forcibly twisted herself to avoid a direct hit.

She must have put in extraordinary efforts together with her natural talent.

「Kuh… I’m not done yet…!」

Rose was worried about her flank for a moment, and then immediately responded with a slash.