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Rain answered, instead of the man who fell silent.

「You hurt them, cut them, and torture them to death, didn’t you? You have never lend an ear to the voices asking for help, have you?」

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「Don’t behave like a spoiled child, idiot. Believing you deserve to be helped is way too selfish.」

An angry voice echoed in the quiet throne room.

「…S-So, what should we do?」

The man, who had been severely reprimanded, asked timidly

「Don’t know. Whatever happens to filthy『brutes』like you, it’s none of my concern.」

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Rain flatly refused the persistent man.

「I won’t move from this royal castle. You can run away or whatever. Do as you please.」

Then, as if to say『there is nothing more to discuss』, he quietly shut his eyes.