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While I could continue to theorize on my own, doing that would only get me so far. Therefore, I figured it would be better to ask Komiya outright instead.

After all, I probably wouldn’t have the time to ask him once the school faculty members arrived.

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“I-I don’t know… it just happened out of nowhere. I suddenly felt something strike my calf and the next thing I knew I was rolling down the slope… Agh…!”

His face twisted in pain as he once again tried to move his leg.

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“Your calf was hit by something?”

“M-maybe? I don’t really remember very well… Sorry.”

His memory of the moment when the accident took place was vague and fuzzy, but you couldn’t really hold that against him.

“Kinosh*ta fell as well and ended up beside you. Do you know anything about what happened to her?”

“Eh…? N-no, I have no idea. Why is Kinosh*ta here…? If I remember correctly, when it happened we…”

Judging from Komiya’s reaction, it didn’t seem like Kinosh*ta had been the first one to fall down the slope.

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So, at the very least, I could assume that Komiya had fallen first.

“That’s right…! Satsuki, where’s Satsuki!? Did she fall too!?”