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“Once you explain to me everything. We still have things to discuss”

“Well… What is it?

“The reason of you challenging this special trial. Was it to compete alone or use me – it’s okay if you tell now. I want to know the reason of you, who wouldn’t rock a boat, joining this trial”

“… I see.”

Maybe the explanation until now wasn’t so important for Horikita.

“You were great at realizing things quickly without suspicion at this occasion. Since you lent your hand to us, aiming at A class became fully realistic. However, what was the principle of your action? Why did you do that?”

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Still, I wasn’t bothered telling my personal problem to Horikita because I only did it to pull out of the promise from Chabashira sensei this time.

“It’s because I was impressed by you. You were trying to fight to the bitter end alone in a bad condition.”

“… You don’t say often lies that are easy to see through”

“I’m in no mood for explaining”

I stood up from the chair and held out my hand.

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“I don’t mind if you help me advancing to A class. But there’s one condition – do not investigate me. If you promise not to touch me under any terms next time, I’ll help you out”

As if wanting to check what would happen next, Horikita took my hand with no hesitation.

“If you don’t want to tell me that’s fine. There’s no reason to refuse a lent hand without prying. I have no interest digging up something that’s peacefully lying in the past.”

Horikira shook my hand firmly.

I am for me. You are for you.

The battle of rising this class from the rock bottom was just about to get started.