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The girls were speechless. Then, they freaked out and immediately spoke up.

“No, no, no, Amanocchi, you don’t need to be that resolute suddenly…!”

“Aguri-chan is right, Keita! Your idea is way too extreme, no matter what! That’s your bad habit!”

The two scolded at me. Even so, I’m still not backing down.

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“No, I think I need to go from an extreme perspective. After all, …as boyfriend, I literally kissed another girl in front of my girlfriend. It’s hard to find a more lethal attack than this one, right?”


“Even if our lips didn’t touch, nothing changes if Tendou-san can’t clear away her suspicion. Also, instead of making her uncomfortable and keep maintaining this relationship where only I can benefit…I need to act decisively and cut all ties, even if that will make her hate me. She has a great future ahead of her. I shouldn’t drag her down.”

That’s the same as me in the spring. I had a great time because of Tendou-san.


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The two girls back down and fell silent. I quickly cheered them up.

“N-No, we still don’t know how it will end yet. Perhaps Tendou-san will 100%!b(MISSING)elieve our explanation and agree that we didn’t kiss. So, it’s not guaranteed that we’ll break up. How should I put it, I’m just talking about my own realization and decision. Right, whether did we break up or not, I need to bring an end to something else, and that is-“

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