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Can an online anime avatar make money?

"I don't need you to tell me."

Kouenji wanders off, but about six hours after they start chasing him, they are surprisingly reunited.

The reason he hadn't moved was because he had fallen asleep even though it was broad daylight.

The third year students look at each other in disgust. Mikitani walks up as a representative, looks at Kouenji's face and says with a strong tone.

“Get up, Kouenji! You've been running for more than 10 days, so you took a nap from exhaustion, right? "

Even if he didn't want to sleep, he had to. When he thought about the reason why he was asleep in the situation he escaped from, he could only think of one thing: Mikitani.

Slowly opening his eyes, Kouenji smiles and laughs softly.

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“I'm sure you will agree. I am a human being like you. "

“If that's the case, then go ahead and take the rest of the day off. You must be exhausted from all this. You must listen to the kind advice of your elders. "

“Take the day off? That's kind of funny. "

Kouenji gets up, unfazed by the situation around him.Mikitani had been looking down, but when Kouenji, who is over six feet tall, got up, his gaze reversed naturally.

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His eyes were full of vitality and he seemed much larger than the Kouenji from before.

“Don't… make an effort. If you could get rid of fatigue just with a little rest, no one

would have a problem. "

Mikitani, feeling intimidated, approached him.

- "Do not worry. My physical strength has already recovered perfectly. I don't want you to talk about me as a normal person. "