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I scratched the back of my head, …and then I squeezed one of my few topics for chatting left.

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“T-Tendou-san, you play Pokemon?”

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I sincerely hate that I can still only talk about gaming in this situation. However, that’s who I am, so I can’t help it.

As for Tendou-san, …she shook her head.

“No, I’ve never played it.”





What’s wrong with me? I ended the topic just because the person didn’t play the same game as me. Am I an idiot? That’s why I can’t get a friend. That’s what I deserved.

During this time, Tendou-san seems to have realized that I’m having a hard time, so she started talking about Pokemon.

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“Uh, is the latest title in the series fun?”

“Eh? Ah, yes! It’s enjoyable! I’m having fun even if I’m playing alone!”

“Really? But Amano-kun, won’t you battle the others?”

“Yep, I can’t find a good opponent…and I don’t have any friends at all…”