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Chang You said, “Boss Pei wants us to use the full screen display with a pop up camera and use as many new technologies as possible in the supply chain. What’s more... the location of the pop up camera will be rather special...”

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Chang You briefly explained Boss Pei’s request, and emphasized the location of the camera.

Everyone exchanged confused looks.

Many cell phone manufacturers were using full screen displays with pop up cameras. However, the pop up camera of all the models that were still being developed were at the top.

What did it mean to be on the top left of the horizontal border?

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Chang You’s expression was serious. “Therefore, the main purpose of today’s meeting is to analyze Boss Pei’s intentions and determine the design plan for the new cell phone.”

“At the moment, Boss Pei has been vague about some of the details of this cell phone. He has only repeatedly emphasized the location of the pop up camera. I think this should be the main point.”

“Little Jiang, you’re in charge of the design. Tell me your opinion first.”

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Little Jiang came with his laptop. He had already quickly drawn a simple picture in the software.

He frowned slightly and said, “First of all, the shape of the camera is more unique and recognizable than the cell phones with cameras that pop up from the top.”

“Users usually hold the bottom half of their phones when they use their phones. The position of this camera will not be blocked by their hands. What’s more, most people use their right hand when taking selfies. The angle of the selfies is also very suitable. There won’t be a situation where the camera is placed below and takes a picture of their nostrils. Whether it’s held horizontally or vertically, the photos taken should be better looking...”

“On top of that, the camera module on the back would definitely be in the middle of this position. The back would also look more beautiful.”

“However, these reasons are not very sufficient. Boss Pei must have had some very important considerations since he specifically emphasized that the pop up camera was to be placed in this position.”

Little Jiang said a few points from the camera itself, but it was obvious that these reasons were not sufficient.

He looked at Chang You. “Boss Chang, did Boss Pei say anything else about the camera?”

Chang You thought hard about what Boss Pei had said before.