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“Wait a minute. I… found out about the other leaders, you say. But I retired.”

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“You do not have to be humble, Horikita. I am sure we had this result because your answers about the leaders were absolutely correct.”

I felt the doubts rising up in Horikita’s head. About this enigmatic result on the test, I think it made sense to everyone but her, at least for the time being.

“Wait, Ayanokouji…What are you…”

Horikita tried to talk to me in the midst of the confusion and joy of many students.

However, Horikita, being the leader of this victorious test, was surrounded by our classmates at once.

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“Horikita, you are really awesome! A true genius, right?!”

“When I heard that you retired, I was concerned about what would going to happen, but everything turned out to be okay.”

“Just, hold on a second!?”

As she was bombarded with questions from girls and boys, alike, I clasped my hands in prayer for the successful result and then I retreated.

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Well, I was glad that it ended good. Our Class took first place and Horikita became popular. I guess, she could make it through, just fine. Meanwhile, I woule try not to get caught up by somebody else and rest in my room. Just when I thought so, I ended up meeting a death god, instead.

“Can I have a few words with you?”

“It is really a bad time for invitations. Ms Chabashira. May I refuse?”

“If you don’t want to, then I guess I’ll just start talking here. Is it okay with you if we attract attention?

“Because it’s hot, be brief please.”

I walked to the opposite side of the ship so that Ms Chabashira could take the lead. People were completely out of sight here. When there was silence I broached out the topic.

“Is it okay for me to think that you are satisfied with this for the time being?”