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Can QQ make money online?

「Hee, so that’s how it is…」

That’s very good information.

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As Leia-sensei said previously, when he takes over my body, he seems to be tremendously draining『something』.

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(In other words, it’s not so easy to take my body over and over again……!)

When I was thinking about that,

「Tch…… Oi, if you have no intention to hand over your body, get lost already… you’re an eyesore.」

He shook his hand as though driving away a fly.

He’s a very self-centered guy.

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「I can’t do that. I came here today, to borrow your power. -You understand, right? I want to acquire soul dress.」

First, I decided to dialogue with him.

He’s a crazy guy, but he’s not stupid.

He can communicate with words properly, and above all, he has a rational ability to think.

Dialogue…… Or, if I negotiate, I might be able to borrow a part of his power.

「A”A? A greenhorn like you… wants my power? …Puuh, Gyahahahahahahahahaah! Hi-Hi-Hiii! How funny…!」

Just what was so funny, I don’t know… but he struck his knees again and again and kept laughed.