Do you always make money?

Do you always make money?

When Agu-senpai sent him off, Amano-senpai swiftly left the living room. The gaming trio didn’t even seem to realize that.

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“Eh? What’s wrong, Konocchi?”

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I followed senpai and stood up. Agu-senpai tilted her head shockingly and asked.

I took my coat into the living room and answered.

“Uh, I have nothing to do. I plan to go along with senpai and help him.”

I quickly made preparation after I said that. Also, just before the moment I left the living room, I patted onee-chan’s shoulder, who’s still playing.

“Hmm? What’s wrong, Konoha? I’m a bit busy right now-“

“Just hear me out, alright. I’ll tell you…”

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I quickly issued some orders to onee-chan, and I ignored her confusion. “Huh?” Anyway, I left down an “I’ll be leaving” and walked towards the corridor.

Senpai seems to be out already. I didn’t see him at the entrance. So, I shoved my feet into my shoes quickly and dashed out of the door after him.

I ran for around 10 seconds. Finally, I turned a corner and caught up with senpai before yelling at him.


“Huh! …Eh, K-Konoha-san?”

Senpai freaked out and looked back when he’s suddenly called on a street at night. I hastily went in front of him. Although I’m still catching my breath, I smiled at him.

“I’m going with senpai too. After all, there might be a lot of stuff we need to buy.”

“Eh? No, I’m not planning to buy that much…”