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「Aa, I’m sure it will serve as a good experience for students of both academies! However, Allen. You’re the only one who’s a little different.」

「…What? I’m the only one?」

For some reason, I had a bad feeling.

「Aa, you’re the only one who’s going to White Lily Academy. You remember them, don’t you? It is one of the Five Academy to which『Prodigy』Idol Luxmaria, whom you defeated at the Sword King Festival, belongs.」

「Eh, eh!?」

Sensei suddenly declared something absurd.

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Although two weeks is somewhat of a short period, hearing I will be transferring to White Lily Academy, made me refuse immediately.

「No, no, no… that’s a joke, right? In the first place, White Lily Academy is a girls’ school, isn’t it? 」

「I would never make such a boring joke. Sure, you’re right. White Lily Academy is a girls’ school. However, there’s no problem with that.」

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「No problem?」

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A male student moving into a girls’ school. There is nothing but problems no matter how you think about it.

「It’s not known to the general public yet, but White Lily Academy is aiming to co-ed in a few years. Well, in other words, you’re the『first model case』.」

「I-Is that so?」

This is the first I’m hearing of it.

「But… am I really suitable for such important model case?」

Honestly, I think there are more suitable people for the job.