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If I make light of my position as his girlfriend, I’ll surely have the rug swept out from under me.

Satō-san may end up becoming one of my rivals as well.

“Wanna go for some tea together?”

Still locked in my embrace, Satō-san nodded her head, agreeing to my fickle request.

(Chapter 5 End)

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Sunday evening. The time was nearing 8:30 PM; The designated day had finally arrived.

The upcoming discussion would most likely determine whether or not we could join hands with Class 1-D.

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Or rather, we needed to make certain that we did.

The majority of students outside of Class 1-D and Class 2-D had already found partners.

If this discussion doesn’t bring about the desired results, we might be forced to make multiple large concessions in order to avoid facing any penalties.

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Horikita and I would be joined by Sudō, who had strongly insisted on accompanying us.

While it was probably somewhat related to his desire to be together with Horikita, I was pretty sure it was mostly because he was wary of Hōsen. Hōsen was the type of person who, depending on how the discussion went, might very well raise his hand against a girl. Sudō wanted to be there to protect her from that. Of course, Horikita turned him down, saying that his presence was unnecessary, but Sudō refused to back down. However, no matter how much he begged, Horikita maintained her stance and refused to let him join us. She believed that the upcoming discussion would be very serious, and had judged that Sudō’s presence would only hold us back. Ultimately, I ended up intervening on Sudō’s behalf.

This was because, just in case things went south, I could have Sudō take action instead of me.