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“Now, I also have some doubts about how the school approaches this. But I’m still thankful towards the school.”

Occasionally, fellow classmates would drop out unexpectedly, but the elder Horikita did not criticize the school’s way of doing things.

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“The students of this school are educated for the future of Japan. In a hundred people, not all of them will be able to adapt. The same is true for finding a university or finding a job in a company.”

It was not only about passing or failing, but there could be various influences which decided whether a person was qualified.

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“I’ve come to understand this concept. I can feel it from my skin, after leaving this place, I won’t fail in any future selections due to any tactlessness or impulsiveness.”

It seems like he had achieved this amount of growth. How many students in the same year have reached the same heights?

“Let’s call it a day here.”

The main entrance. Elder Horikita looked at the main entrance, which was a few meters in front of him. Then-for the last time, he looked back at me.

“Although this is a one-sided request, I’ll leave Suzune in your care.”

While saying this, elder Horikita stretched out his hands toward me.

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“Can I shake your hand?”